International Arbovirus Summit | Indonesia 2024

Brazil and Indonesia conclude the first Arbovirus Summit

Bali, 22-23 April 2024

Indonesia's Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin and Brazil's Minister of Health, Dr. Nísia Trindade Lima convened a two-day summit to gather policy makers, experts in global health and leading researchers of arboviruses, to respond to the significant increase in incidences of mosquito-borne diseases across the globe.

Following the recent spike in cases of Dengue virus infections across South America and Southeast Asia, the Arbovirus Summit discussed the urgent need to strengthen integrated arbovirus surveillance and management.

"The Arbovirus Summit not only tackles the timely need to address climate amplified diseases,
but marks a transformative moment in charting the course against arboviruses"

- Budi Gunadi Sadikin, Minister of Health, Indonesia

Held at the recently inaugurated GISAID Academy, the Summit showcased innovations in vector control strategies, breakthroughs in antivirals and vaccine development and explore the implementation of global genomic surveillance of arbovirus as a tool for monitoring the effectiveness of intervention strategies as well as viral spread and evolution. The GISAID Academy is located on the idyllic UID Bali campus on the Island of Kura Kura and committed to the Balinese philosophy of life Tri Hita Karana the three ways to happiness or harmony.

Sunday, 21 April

15:00  Opening of Exibits and Registration
16:00 - 18:00  Welcome Reception

Monday, 22 April

08:45  (GMT+8)  Opening Program
Welcome by Sri Indrastuti Hadiputranto, Chair Board of Trustees, United in Diversity
– HE Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General, WHO
– HE Nísia Trindade Lima, Minister of Health, Brazil 
– HE Budi Gunadi Sadikin, Minister of Health, Indonesia

09:20   Opening Session:  Is the World Ready for an Arbovirus Epidemic?
Chair:  Dr. Syarifah Liza Munira, DG Health Policy Agency, MoH Indonesia
Intro by: Dr. Ruxandra Draghia, Director General
Health Directorate Research & Innovation, European Commission, ret.

Panel Discussion:
–  HE Dr. Elia A.A. dos Reis Amaral, Minister of Health, Timor-Leste
–  HE Budi Gunadi Sadikin, Minister of Health, Indonesia
–  HE Dr. Leonita Gorgolon, Asst. Secretary of Health, Philippines
–  Dr. Éder Gatti Fernandes, Director at the Ministry of Health, Brazil
–  Dr. Edwin Ceniza Salvador, Director Regional Emergency, SEARO

10:50  Keynote I:  Harnessing Opportunities for Global Collaboration & Integration
–  Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, World Health Organization, Switzerland

11:20  Session I:  Enabling Technologies and Vaccines
Panel Discussion:
Moderator: Dr. Ayoade (Yodi) Alakija, WHO Special Envoy for ACT Accelerator
Chair of FIND and African Union’s Vaccine Delivery Alliance, Nigeria
–  Prof. Paul Kelly, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health and Aged Care, Australia

–  Dr. Éder Gatti Fernandes, Department of Immunizations, MoH Brazil
–  House of Representatives Emanuel Melkiades, DPR Indonesia
–  Dr. Nikki Kitikiti, Vaccines Policy, Takeda, Japan

Efficacy and Safety of Dengue Vaccines 
–  Dr. Ida Safitri Laksanawati, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

13:30  Keynote II:  Lessons Learned, with Australia’s Arbovirus Perspective
–  Prof. Paul Kelly, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health and Aged Care, Australia

14:00  Session II:  Need and Opportunities for Integrated Arbovirus Surveillance
Chair: HE Dr. Mao Tan Eang, Undersecretary of Health, Cambodia
Advancing Diagnostics, Tailoring Strategies for Epidemic and Pandemic Readiness
Panel Discussion:
Moderator: Prof. Paul Kelly, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health and Aged Care, Australia
–  HE Dr. Elia A.A. dos Reis Amaral, Minister of Health, Timor-Leste
–  Dr. Leonita Gorgolon, Asst. Secretary of Health, Philippines
–  Dr. Imran Pambudi, Director of Communicable Disease Control, Indonesia
–  Joshua Trotta, Diagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA

15:00  Presentations:
Next Generation Multiplex Diagnostics for Arboviruses
–  Joshua Trotta, Diagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA

Latest Advances in Arbovirus Diagnostics
–  Dr. Andi Utama, KALGen Innolab, Indonesia

Challenges & Opportunities in Arbovirus Data Science
–  Prof. Sebastian Maurer-Stroh, BII-A*STAR Singapore

16:00  Meet & Greet the Speakers: 
–  Coffee and Refreshments served

17:00  Official Sunset Dinner Reception: 
United in Diversity Beach, hosted by the Ministry of Health, Indonesia

Tuesday, 23 April

09:00  Session III: Mitigation & Surveillance- Experiences and Perspectives
Chair: Dr. Imran Pambudi, Ministry of Health Indonesia

Keynote: Efficacy of Wolbachia-Infected Mosquito Deployments
–  Prof. Adi Utarini, University of Gadjah Mada

09:30  Presentations:
Project Wolbachia – Singapore
–  Dr. Chee-Seng Chong, Environmental Health Institute, Singapore

Arboviruses in the Pacific, Dengue Severity, Serosurvey and Vector Control
–  Dr. Myrielle Dupont-Rouzeyrol, Institut Pasteur de Nouvelle-Calédonie

Dengue and other Arboviruses in Cambodia: Experience and Perspective
–  Prof. Veasna Duong, Head of Virology, Institut Pasteur du Cambodge

Climate Amplified Infectious Diseases
–  Dr. Osvaldo Inlamea, Instituto Nacional de Saúde, Mozambique

Arboviruses – the Singapore experiences
–  Prof. Leo Yee Sin, National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Singapore

11:30  Operational Considerations for Integrated Arbovirus Mitigation & Surveillance
Panel Discussion:
Moderator:  Prof. Aamer Ikram, Executive Director, NIH Pakistan
–  Dr. Rizka Andalucia, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, MoH Indonesia
–  Dr. Gvantsa Chanturia, National Center for Disease Control, Georgia
–  Dr. Yu Kie Chem, National Public Health Laboratory, Malaysia
–  Prof. Leo Yee Sin, National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Singapore

12:55  Session IV: Harnessing Genomic Data for Policy & Science
Introduction- Expanding Genomic Surveillance for an Urgent Global Need
Moderator: Dr. Gabriel Wallau, FIOCRUZ Brazil

Identifying Dengue Hotspots and Targeting Prevention.
–  Prof. Martin Hibberd, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom

Genomic Epidemiology of Dengue Virus in Ecuador: Circulation of Four Serotypes
–  Dr. Andrés Carrazco, National Health Research Institute(INSPI), Ecuador

Toward the Genomic and Metagenomic Surveillance of Dengue and other Arboviruses in Colombia
–  Prof. José Aldemar Usme, Instituto Nacional de Salud, Colombia

Unveiling Phylogeography and Transmission of Arboviruses with Metatranscriptomics
–  Michael Abdo, Microbiology, Infectious Disease, Illumina, Australia

Empowering Global Genomic Surveillance on Arbovirus
–  Roy Tan, Asia Pacific Region, MGI, China

15:00  Utility of Genomic Surveillance for Policy and Science
Panel Discussion:
Moderator: Dr. Etienne Simon-Loriere, Institut Pasteur, France
–  Dr. Ava Kristy Lee, Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, Philippines
–  Dr. Cécile Troupin, Medical Virology, Institut Pasteur du Laos
–  Dr. Rajesh Pandey, Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, India
–  Prof. Pornsawan Leaungwutiwong, Mahidol University, Thailand
–  Md Shaheen Alam, Int’l Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh

16:00  Presentations:
Current Vaccine Development Landscape for Arboviruses
–  Dr. Indra Rudiansyah, mRNA and viral vector vaccines programme, Biofarma, Indonesia

Empowering Vaccine Innovation in the Global South:
Leveraging Local Genomic Data Collection and Vaccine Technology Platforms

–  Dr. Ines Atmosukarto, Chief Executive Officer, Lipotek, Australia

Dengue Prognostic Biomarkers Predict Dengue
Haemorrhagic Fever with High Sensitivity and Specificity

–  Dr. Anthony Chua, StratifiCare, Singapore

17:00  Role of Universities
Panel Discussion:
–  Prof. Erni Juwita, University of Indonesia
–  Dr. Atina Husnayain, Monash University Indonesia
–  Dr. I Made Susila Utama, Udayana University

Cohosted by the Health Ministries of Brazil and Indonesia

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